Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Character design. Hand drawn and colored in Photoshop

Flash Demoreel

Samples of my animation work done in Flash

Spiderman fail

Hand drawn and colored in Photoshop

Tired Kong

Illustration done in pencil

Titeuf le film demoreel

Titeuf le film Animation demo reel from g seguí on Vimeo.
Demoreel with some of the animations I did for the film Titeuf le film. Traditional animation, done in pencil

Sketchbook 03


Another personal vision of a Marvel character, Wolverine. Done in pencil and painted in Photoshop

Lunch time

Illustration that began with a scanned sketch, clean-up made in Flash and then colored in Photoshop

Sketchbook 02


Character design for illustration. Done in pencil and treated in Photoshop


Done in pencil

Dancing bear

Character design for a short film. Hand drawn and colored in Photoshop

Margarita Illustrations

Illustrations for the book based on the short film Margarita, by Hampa Studio. In this film I also did all the character designs


Illustration made ​​in Photoshop

Mouse horror

A sketch that eventually turned into artwork. Hand drawn and colored in Photoshop

Sketchbook 01


My version of the Marvel character Gambit